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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#76 paludis --list-packages / cave print-packages actions are too slow assigned defect Sometime
#215 Add --list-hooks assigned enhancement Sometime
#406 read-only name caches new ciaranm support-request Sometime
#454 have --list-repository-formats show help, like --list-syncers assigned enhancement Sometime
#529 erepo->recoverable_error new ciaranm enhancement Sometime
#648 SLOT="" should be fatal new defect Sometime EAPI exheres-0
#660 Add option --dry-run for uninstallation process new enhancement Sometime
#877 Feature request: temporary disable use-flags to resolve circular deps new enhancement Sometime
#949 paludis --query versions line doesn't show keyword info correctly reopened defect Sometime
#22 XTerm Titles new ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#67 Indenting Warnings for readability? new ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#462 More obvious messages for mkdir failing due to ENOENT reopened ciaranm enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#659 report when the same $PNV is installed in more than one slot assigned enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#667 Paludis issues on FreeBSD new enhancement IfSomeoneSendsAPatch
#736 gnu_info_index.bash: Strip unneeded lines and add a newline new enhancement ProjectIdeas
#768 Cabal Repository support new ingmar enhancement ProjectIdeas
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